A New and Improved Movement

by Dr. Scott Andersen in

There 's a lot in the news lately about the "1%" and the "99%."  The dissastisfaction from both perspectives seems to be spiraling in the wrong direction.

I heard in church today during our "Blessed Life" series that only 5-7% of Christians are full tithe payers, meaning they give back to God the first 10% of their increase (See Malachi 3:7).

I would like to suggest an alternative and an experiment of sorts to the figurative and sometimes literal claims of "Mine, mine" from both the 1% and the 99%.  Let's join in unison in becoming 100% tithe payers by giving back to God a tenth of the portion He gave us to begin with.

I can only imagine the cries that would be lifted if we followed the law of tithing. My hypothesis is that the cries of "Mine, mine" would be transformed into shouts of acclamation proclaiming "His, His!"  After all, it was all His to begin with.

Imagine what that would do to transform our nation.  Maybe the camping out in public parks, the wrangling with police and the deepening divide between the "haves" and the "have nots" in our country could be replaced with a GodOccupyMe movement.

Maybe we could gather at our churches and become unified around uplifting one another, serving one another and drawing near to God with songs and chants in praise of Him.

The GodOccupyMe movement would take our eyes from the temporal, worldly and often selfish, pursuits and direct them to the one and only pursuit that brings true richess and richness to our lives.

A movement starts somewhere, with someone.  I am officially taking the step of starting the GodOccupyMe movement.  

Let me know if you would like to take that walk with me. I will keep you posted on our numbers, assuming they grow above one.

Leave a comment or email me at GodOccupyMe@gmail.com.  Tweet this, post it on Facebook or on your own blog.

Let's see what we can do!