Getting the STAR-bucks Treatment

by Dr. Scott Andersen in ,

I am sharing what I think is a great example of one of the key customrer service values - I anticipate and quickly resolve parents’ concerns. This example happens to be from an experience I had this morning at Starbucks.

I was on my way to Columbus to visit my schools. I stopped at my local Starbucks.  My experience with the drive thru at this location has almost always been very slow.  So bad, that I began timing how long it took for me to get through.  After taking 10 minutes today, I decided to Tweet Starbucks my concern.  It is shown in the screenshot below.  Within minutes, I received the reply that is also shown in that same screenshot.

Since, I had already brought up the issue and because I wanted their performance improved, I sent the following email as they requested:

I visit your Eagles Landing location in McDonough, GA 3 to 5 times a week. Sometimes I go in but mostly drive thru.  I started timing how long it takes the 4 cars in line to go through.   The range has been between 6 and 14 minutes. The average is 9 mind 33 seconds. 

It seems they start working on the order when the car is at the window instead of before. I order a venti Pike...nothing difficult, and sometimes I am at the window for 4 minutes. 

I visit your stores all over the southeast and this one is by far the slowest.

I know you would want this feedback..

As I was driving back from my visit to Columbus this afternoon, I received the following response to the email, shown in the next screenshot.

They validated my concern. They said it was not how they would want it to be. They took action by making sure everyone who needed to know and respond was in the loop.

They listened and they did not make any excuses.

Finally, they invited me back to try again and even made that easier through giving me a credit on my account.

Can you imagine what it would mean to our families in our schools to have this type of experience when they faced a problem? Furthermore, can you imagine what the result would be if we responded the way that Starbucks did to me this morning?

The good news is that we ABSOLUTELY CAN! Not only can we; but we MUST respond that way.

Thoughts anyone?