The Power of Engaged Employees

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , , ,

I work for KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSE (@KnowledgeU) in their CCLC Division (@ConnectCCLC). We have been working hard for almost two years on driving employee engagement across out company.  Our work with the Gallup Organization (@Gallup) shows a clear connection between engaged employees and performance.  Their extensive research has proven this over and over.

At CCLC, we partner with companies and organizations to provide our educational services to the families and communities in which those companies and organizations reside.

It was nice to see that not only does our work on employee engagement impact our own performance, but that performing our duties also supports how the companies with which we partner are also able to have engaged employees.

The shots below are from a Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) article yesterday.  It highlights Florida Power and Light which is one of the clients I work with in Florida City, FL.  Below the article are some of the pix I took.