A Kindergarten Science Experiment

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , ,

The three slices of bread that are being studied are sealed in Ziploc bags and displayed on one of the classroom windows.

I visited Westlake Child Development Center in Houston this week.  While visiting their Kindergarten room, one of the students was anxious to tell me about the science project her class is conducting.  So I decided to video her description of the project.  

The students were studying the impact of germs on a slice of bread.  They had three slices in Ziploc bags for observation. The first slice was untouched. The second was touched by clean hands. The third was touched by dirty hands.

Students record their observations here

The students are observing each day and making notes and pictures of what they see happening over time.

I am anxious to see what conclusions they draw!

Check out the video below.