One Reason Trump Should Be President

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , , , ,

One of my long-held disdains for presidential politics is that presidents spend their first year in office running for the next four years. Priorities, decisions, legislation, and subsequent outcomes are held hostage to the political climate and to aspirations for a second term.

Close your eyes and imagine Inauguration Day 2017. Can you think of a current presidential candidate who after being sworn in will NOT succumb to partisan focus and election-centered politics?

There is only one. Trump.

The best evidence I can give to support this is Trump's current campaign and his years of being in the public discourse.

Trump is Trump.  In his own words, "I am what I am."

Good, bad or ugly, he is not going to fall prey to the typical political pressures that have enticed many to deviate from their own natural course. The thing that we love about him is also that thing that many dislike about him. Trump will be himself. He will not sell out.

This is important because when you know someone will not sell out, you can better understand where they will take you. However, when you are personally or politically weak, your actions cannot be trusted or relied upon. You likely will be blown by the strongest winds.

Trump is polling so well because he speaks his mind, he shows strength, and unlike the GOP for many years now who have failed to deliver on core promises to their electorate, voters believe that Trump can deliver. They are fed up with the GOP status quo and Trump represents an upheaval.