by Dr. Scott Andersen in ,

If you are a Democrat you are likely frustrated with what is happening tomorrow: the unlikely inauguration of Donald Trump. Since election day, many of you have been grinding your teeth and bemoaning the outcome.

I hear things like, "Why didn't Hillary win?" and "Comey ruined it for us" or "the Russians hacked us to help Trump."

Those may all be legitimate questions and comments, but they miss mark. If the Democratic Party wants to rebound, it really needs to be asking a different question:

Why didn't Bernie win?

This is the real question for the FUTURE of their party. Instead of many in the party trying to point the finger at everyone outside the party, that finger needs to be pointed inside the party along with the question of how they became so out of touch with the American people.

They are NOT going to get the answer from Putin, Comey, or any other conspiracy theory. They answer is staring at them in the mirror. The Dems must now open their eyes and face the reality that THEY THEMSELVES BLEW THE ELECTION.

No one else did it.

Taking responsibility is a good first step to getting back on track. Until you recognize you have a problem, then YOU are THE PROBLEM.

So far, I do not see ample evidence that the party if waking up to that reality. Bernie and few others are trying. Unless throngs join in, the Republicans will continue to "lead" the country in the direction of their choice. 

Some are fine with that. Some are not. Both need to advocate and take strong relevant actions to win over the American people...or at least enough of them.

And if what is going on right now with the Dems is indicative, this is going to be a very long dry spell replete with frustration, lack of power, and most importantly, an ongoing inability to resonate with many Americans.

In full disclosure, I am NON PARTISAN.