Uncle Jim's Trains

by Dr. Scott Andersen in

I had the greatest time a few weekends ago.  I visited my Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary Sue in Alabama. I haven't seen them for many years.  Even though my frequency of visits does not show it, they are two very special people to me.  

When I was four, my mother became ill and during that period, my aunt and uncle took care of my brother and I for months in GA.  I have nothing but fond memories of those times.  They have a daughter Linda, who is my age, and I can remember having so much fun with her.  My funniest memory was when we were teasing each other.  I stuck my tongue out at Linda and my aunt came down the hall with a pair of scissors and asked me if I wanted her to cut off my tongue.  I can assure you I did not stick it our any more!

So that was a long-winded intro to this video.  My Uncle Jim has an awesome train set up in his house.  I shot some video during my visit.  WARNING: Unless you like trains or my Uncle Jim, you may not dig the video.  Please watch though.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDZ-PXi4HBo?wmode=transparent]