Never Say Never

by Dr. Scott Andersen in

This could easily be the hardest blog post I have ever written.  Most of you may not understand why, but I know at least two of my friends, Photographers Richard Barron and Robert Edison Stinson, will fully appreciate, and make fun of me for it.

I do visual and social media communication for Turning Point Church in McDonough, GA.  As part of our facilities campaign this year, we just purchases two of these Canon EOS 7D to be used for our video streaming and video development.  

So I did the unthinkable.  I actually touched one.  EEEEeeeeewww!  Worse yet, I brought it home and three lenses as well to learn how to use them.  A photo of the camera is above as well as the first pic I took with it.

I am reading the manual and playing.  It seems pretty cool...for a Canon.  Nonetheless, I am grateful for it.  

Hopefully next year we can buy REAL cameras!