Fall(ing) for Ellie

by Dr. Scott Andersen in ,

Ellie chillin' in the grass

Sara has been asking me to take some pix of Ellie in a pumpkin patch. We settled on today since it was before Halloween.  

Elias, Sara, Ellie and I loaded up the car and headed toward the Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, GA.  

When we arrived we noticed two things: it was crowded and they charged admission.

The farm photo and the tractor pulling the little cows are from this place.  However, we opted to leave and go to The Square in McDonough.  They had great Halloween displays set up and we would be able to take pix of Ellie there.   

We we arrived at The Square, we noticed something...

....all the Halloween displays were gone! 

They must have been taken down last night or early this morning. So plans A and B were now eliminated.  We decided Plan C would be Heritage Park and it was not too far away. 

It turned out to be a great place for some pix!

We took pix of Ellie in the grass, in a cabbage patch and with mom, mom and dad, and even with grandpa. 

We were happy with the pix.