A Special Christmas Card

by Dr. Scott Andersen in ,

When I picked up my girls at the airport on Saturday, Juju, one of the 9-year twins, told me that she had a special Christmas gift for me. She showed me right there at the terminal.  It was a blue enveloped wrapped in a homemade bow.  She told me I could not open it until Christmas.  She then said she had another gift that I could open now.

Fast forward to Christmas morning...

As we were all sitting around the tree opening presents this morning, she found it underneath the others gifts and handed it to me and whispered, "Don't read it out loud."

I walked over by my desk, made sure others had a gift to open and carefully opened the envelope.  I could barely get through reading the short card before my vision became blurry with what must have been some type of sudden onset allergy to Christmas cards because my eyes were watery and dripping everywhere.  

I was touched by the sentiment and her realization that it was special.  I was also touched by her rendering of me and the fact that she had to write on it that it was a picture of me.

Christmas morning is always so magical...and of all the store bought stuff, lights, trees, music and food, this little card will always hold a BIG place in my heart.

I am feeling so blessed.

My special Christmas card from Juju.