Provo Rec Center and the Webb

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , , ,

We had two major highlights today in Day 6 of my UT trip. The first was the twins and I going to the Provo Rec Center.  It was by far the best rec center I have ever seen.  

It was more like an indoor amusement park.  It had everything I would ever want: lazy river, cliff diving, dry and wet rock climbing, an Olympic sized lap pool, water slides, an indoor track, cycling studio, all the weights and cardio equipment you could imagine, and yes, a hot tub!

The other part of the day that was awesome was having dinner with Sherry Webb who I knew 20 years ago when I lived in Dallas.  She was a very influential person in my life who helped me grow in my relationship with God.  She has also been an amazing blessing to my children.  We made dinner for her and spent a most lovely evening chatting with her and reminiscing.  She is in the picture below with my children.

And here is a cute pic of Ellie Bean kissing her Daddy.