A Terrible, No Good, Rotten Day...AKA The End of Summer 2014

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , , , ,

I have just returned from doing something that is most painful, even more painful than my bike crash the other day.

I just took the girls to the airport to fly back to UT. Their school starts in a week.

We had a WONDERFUL time traveling, playing, being goofy, and most importantly, just being together. 

While my heart is sad that they have left, I have to be so grateful for the summer we had together. We do many things.  Here is a short list:

  • Drove for 11 days around the perimeter of FL hitting 6 different beaches
  • Snorkeled off the Keys
  • Indoor skydiving in Orlando
  • Universal Studios twice
  • Had a blast taking over a Waffle House one morning
  • Visited grandpa for the 4th
  • Saw grandma recovering
  • Spend a week with Robert
  • Flew on helicopters
  • Speed boating with dolphins
  • Saw a manatee, shark, turtles
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping

Loads of fun for sure!

To help soothe the pain of them being gone, I made this video below highlighting our summer.