Westfest 2014 - Saturday

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Day 1 - updated

Stensen and I treated ourselves and flew to Dallas today. We stopped and ate some super delicious Pho noodle soup at Pho Empire. Then we drove to Waco to check out our hotel.

After a brief rest and watching a little football, we drove to #Westfest2014, a Czech and Polka festival in the town of West, TX.  You may remember West as the town that had the very bad fertilizer plant fire.

The reason Stensen and I came was to shoot video of Brave Combo. They performed tonight and will do so again tomorrow. 

Stay tuned, more to come!

One of the most popular dances around the world is THE HOKEY POKEY. No one does it better than Brave Combo. This video is from Saturday night at Westfest2014 in West, TX.
Highlights from Brave Combo's first night at Westfest2014.

Shown above, you will see a video showing the most amazing BC version of THE HOKEY POKEY and another video showing overall highlights from Saturday night.  Below are some highlights from Westfest, including Stensen and I enjoying some roasted corn and a time lapse video of some amusement rides.

Shows some brief b-roll of Westfest and Stensen and I eating some yummy roasted corn.
A time lapse of amusement rides at Westfest 2014 in West, TX.