Dinner with Mom

by Dr. Scott Andersen in ,

My mother took a very dangerous spill getting out of her bed on July 19. She broke her nose and the first two vertebrae in her neck.  She was not breathing on her own and was in the hospital for over two weeks. With today only being 20 days later, the fact that I am able to write this post is quite remarkable.

The girls and I drove to Charlotte to see her before they fly back to UT. Tonight we all went out to dinner at the Crosstown Grille, owned by one of their friends.

In my mind, knowing her life threatening situation, this was a miracle.  Not only is she moving, but she is doing so quite well.  She has been blessed a most speedy recovery.

The pix below show her walking and sitting at the restaurant. There are also other fun pix of the entourage.