Four Important and Powerful Things to Say

by Dr. Scott Andersen in

Not sure where I first heard this, but many years ago I heard someone share it with me. I was thinking about my children and some counsel I could give them and this popped back into my head after many years.

These are 4 very important things that I believe we could do a better job saying to one another.

The first one is one word: PLEASE.
The second is two words: THANK YOU.
The third is three words: I LOVE YOU.
And the fourth is, yep you guessed it, four words: HOW CAN I HELP?

There have been periods of time where I have challenged myself to go a whole day and basing all of my conversation from one of these 4 phrases.

Think about them and I challenge to observe how often throughout the day you say these 4 phrases.  See what impact they can have on others, and yes, even on you.