The Frozen Lake - Morning and Evening

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , ,

I decided to take the drone to Utah Lake today. I first went in the morning and then returned again in the evening for sunset. The lake is mostly frozen and it was fun walking out in the middle of the lake.

Utah Lake from the sky

 The frozen lake from terra firma

The frozen lake from terra firma

Stensen came with me at sunset and we arrive just in time. We only had minutes to work with. As we arrived there was a guy folding up the chute from his ultra light and then packing it up and carrying it off the ice.

Then we fired up the drone and flew it around as the sun was peaking behind the mountains.

Sunset from above

Some pix of the drone flying low at sunset. Stensen was piloting the craft before succumbing to the frigid temps.

Video below has clips from both the morning and during sunset. I shot it with a Muvi camera that happened to fit into the GoPro mount of my drone. I am not really happy with the quality as my drone does not have a gimbel and there is lots of vibration. Nonetheless, it still shows a good perspective.

Finally, we conclude the post with 3 more sunset pix.

Sunset from the ground

Love this shot of this person, who happened to be taking sunset pix as well.

A last sunset shot taken on top of a pile of ice chunks. Note the con trail.