OMG, It's Tary!

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , ,

Jason and I enjoying Pho

As you know, I am now doing contract work in San Jose for Stratford School. I am staying with a friend in the area. When I arrived, I remembered that one of my college roommates from the great University of Oklahoma (where they have a university that the football team can be proud of) lived in San Jose. 

So I finally tried to locate him and was able to find him quickly on Facebook. I sent him a message to let him know I was in the area.  It appeared it was pleasantly surprised to hear from me. We figured out that I was living less than 2 miles from his house.

Last night we were able to connect, we had Pho together, and enjoyed reliving some fun and VERY FUNNY times from our year at OU. The photo below was taken in our honors housing dorm. We tried, but failed miserably at naming the people in the photo.  I think we were able to identify about 5 people.

I am wearing the Phillies hat and Jason is wearing the sailor hat.

I am so very happy that we connected and I look forward to spending more time with Jason while I am here in CA.

Stay tuned for more on this space.