The Class of 16 and 2016

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I remember Yana as a small girl. She was ridiculously cute, talkative, and was like a butterfly flittering around. Last night I was able to see her flitter on to the graduation stage, enjoy herself through the ceremony, and at the very end, receive her diploma.

While she was part of the Orem High School Class ow 2016, Yana has most certainly been all class in her 16th year. Here are a few of her accomplishments just as a 16-year old: Graduated with honors, Sterling Scholar, Drama Club President, had her own original play performed and won awards, full ride college scholarship, performed in multiple plays, traveled to Mexico, radio dj, and all that while being one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving people on the planet. She is remarkable. 

Yana showing spirit up to the very end of her high school career

Before her graduation, I took her and her friend Taylor out to a farm to take some pix. Don't ask me why a farm has anything to do with graduation, because it doesn't. But it was a nice location and the girls enjoyed it.

Not sure what graduation has to do with this mountain backdropped farm

Toward the end of the ceremony, I was able to get a bit of video of the tassle move and the singing of the Orem High fight song.

One of Yana's graduations gifts was her first ever car...a 1007 Honda Civic LX. The video below shows moments from her first drive.