Stensen Did It!

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , , ,

The second graduation in two nights concluded with fireworks at Union Grove High School in McDonough, GA. Yes, the night before Stensen's sister Yana had her graduation at Orem High School in UT. I hopped a plane Friday morning and made it in at lunch time. Stensen's graduation was at GA.

One happy graduate!

It is a surreal thing for a father to have one child graduating, but having two, back-to-back, was surreal times two! Unfortunately the photos from the ceremony are not that good as it was held on the football field and the crowd sat far away in the stands.

Diploma in hand

Stensen had a special treat that Grandma Irene, Robert and Lyle and Beverly were able to attend his ceremony. Of course, Stensen was named after Robert whose last name is Stinson. I had to change the spelling, but not the honor, due to the Andersen tradition with the letter E.

Stensen with Stinson

Naturally with me, and accentuated by the fact that Robert was here, we had to take some pix beforehand. These included pix with all present and even some pix of the Skype session with his sisters.

Fireworks marked the end of the ceremony as the students left the field as graduates.