Two Days, Three Canyons

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Lori in the wilderness of AF Canyon

This past weekend was terrific and Saturday, in particular, was an ACTION-PACKED day!

We had a friend, Lori, in from CA. The girls were so happy to have her here as they spent time with her last year in CA.

On Friday we took a quick morning drive into Provo Canyon. The morning light was wonderful and I was able to make a few nice images.


Provo Canyon in the morning light

I really like the photo above for some reason. I like the composition, the light and shadows and the misty clouds. The 2 photos below were taken at the same location near the entrance of the canyon. The one on the left has one of my favorite subjects in the background: Mt. Timpanogas. The one on the right is taken looking about 180 degrees from the first. You can see the Uinta range in the distance.

The last photo from this Friday morning micro shoot is of another location that has frequented this blog - Bridal Veil Falls.

 Spring color is alive at the falls

Spring color is alive at the falls

I am such a rugged outdoorsman!

After getting the girls situated at school and having a delicious breakfast at Ernie's in Orem, we decided to take a trip into American Fork Canyon. We drove up to Tibble Fork Reservoir, made some fun "outdoor" pix and then stopped along the American Fork River for some more pix.

I shot a video at the location shown in the beautiful photo below. It was a lovely and peaceful place. I want to come back to it in the fall and see what colors there could be.

It was a picturesque and fun day. The next morning we loaded up the van with the girls and a few friends and headed to Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington. I have posted pics and some fun video from that portion of the day HERE.

My attempt to show the steepness of the trail

However, after arriving back from the park, getting a bite to eat, we headed out to Dry Canyon trail, this is the same trail that I took on my journey to Big Baldy. I wanted to go back and climb the cliff that I photographed on my initial hike through the canyon to Big Baldy. We arrived at the trail head about 30 minutes before sunset and had about a 1 mile very steep climb to get to the cliff.

When I got to the cliff portion, my fear of heights kicked in. It was so bad, that I literally had to crawl on my hands and knees for the last 50 yards or so. I could not make it to the highest point of the hill on the cliff, which I now regret. Nonetheless, I was able to make this beautiful shot below of the trail that continues on up into Big Baldy.

I love this shot! Love the color, the perspective and the last waning splash of sunset light at the top.

Thought I would use one of the photos from last week's hike back down from Big Baldy to show from where I took the above photo. The red arrow shows the spot where I was standing when I took it. The second photo below is a photo that gives a little perspective of the height of the cliffs. This particular photo is showing a portion of the cliff that is actually not as tall as the portion of the cliff designated with red arrow.

A hiker looks out over Dry Canyon at sunset