The Oregon Coast

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I had a chance this last week to go to Oregon for work. I flew in to Portland and then had to drive several hours south down to Coos Bay and Bandon. The coast was beyond remarkable.

I had a challenge that I have never faced before at such a photogenic location - my camera batteries were dead. Apparently I left the camera turned on. Since I did not have my camera bag, I put my camera and lenses in my work bag. As I was traveling the camera was moving around a bit and the shutter release kept getting hit turning the camera and the screen on. This drained the battery.


So all the photos in this post are from my cell phone.

A beautiful garden at Shores Acres State Park

I put together a compilation video of a few locations. This gives you a sense of just a few locations. There are so many more to explore! I hope to do so sometime soon!

A small lighthouse out in Bandon Bay

 Sky, rocks, water, colors

Sky, rocks, water, colors