Hike to Fifth Water Hot Springs

by Dr. Scott Andersen in , , ,

A terrific hike.

It was new, involved two canyons, two rivers, five miles, 870 feet of elevation change, four people, lots of beautiful scenery, a gorgeous waterfall, and some VERY HOT WATER.

The view of the springs and the throngs who come to enjoy the warm waters

The trail head is about a 45 minute drive from my house. The drive goes through Spanish Fork and heads up Hwy 6. The actual trail map is shown here.

The trail

My trail compadres were my daughter Yana, and our friends Emmily, Ann and their two dogs Griffyn and Poppy. The hike is quite beautiful and there were many beautiful waterfall views along the path. There were a few scenes I chose not to shoot because I knew we would be racing the sunset.

At the end of the trail is a beautiful waterfall and several VERY HOT SPRINGS. Also, there were a lot of people there soaking in the warm water. There were several parts where the water was so hot that I could not keep my feet in them. Seriously.

The waterfall had heavy flow and was very refreshing in the presence of the very hot water!

Once we settled in at the waterfall and hot springs area, Yana and Emmily started playing in the waterfall using my Muvi camera. They discovered several holes in the rocks. They were too afraid to climb in them, but they did find an area behind the falls. They told me about it and I spend some time behind it shooting video. You can see the video highlights below.

One of the many incredible views along the trail