by Dr. Scott Andersen in

Updated 12-28-14 The entire song in found at the end of this post.

I recently read the book ALL IN by Mark Batterson.  It was a fantastic book that challenged my expression of faith.

It truly inspired me.  So much so that I attempted to write a song about it.

I shared the lyrics with Pastor Ben McDonald (@benjammin4him) of Turning Point Church. He instantly liked parts of it and began working on some music for it.

I worked on some more lyrics and he worked on the music and the lyrics with some members of Point180 (@Point180Worship).  They made some major changes to the lyrics, but the chorus remained in tact.

I didn't hear anything for over a month then Ben shared with me a version of it.  Then a few later he had more work done on it.  Finally, he said they were going to perform it in December. 

It turns out that they are going to debut the song this Sunday, which happens to be our Vision Offering day and the conclusion of our #TPCLegacy series.  It is a perfect time to debut this song.

And the song is FANTASTIC!

Here is the video as performed live on Dec. 15.