Generosity Part II

by Dr. Scott Andersen in

In honor of the upcoming holiday season and in conjunction with our Turning Point Church annual #Legacy and give away card season, I decided to take generosity to a different and fun level last week and this week.

The first video below is from last Saturday when went to Dunkin Donuts and Publix before Sat morning prayer.  It was really fun and I captured it on GoPro.  You can find the first video on my earlier blog post.

The second video below was shot today. Taylor and I shot it with a Canon 7D Mark II and a GoPro. It is a bit longer than the first. However, I think this video is AMAZING. Here's why.

Nikk was the front person talking to people. Taylor and I were shooting video. So it just wasn't me by myself.  That was better.

Next, the reactions from the people were varied and amazing. The first man at the gas station was a sheriff and he was very matter of fact, but appreciative. The next man was very gracious. In fact, he was a pastor at a local church. Finally, the lady at the gas station was truly blown away. I could have included 10 minutes of her video and dialogue...but alas, the video is already way too long.

We then decided to go to the Bojangles that was blocks away. You will see in the video that Nikk was able to buy lunch for a man. He was quiet and appreciative.  He sat down and ate his lunch. Meanwhile, we were able to ask 2 other groups if we could buy their lunch.  The first was two men who said they did not want us to buy their lunch, which was totally fine.  The next group was two ladies.  They were appreciated and I love how the employees were also getting excited. One of the managers kept saying, "God is good!"

After Nikk paid for the ladies, we sat back down at the table and waited for the next customers. While doing so, the first man came up to us.  His eyes were a little moist.  He started telling us a story of when he was in the same place last week and he say someone in there who looked liked he could use some help.  So he asked the manager if he could buy him something to eat.  

He was blown away and excited by the fact that today, he was blessed with his own free meal.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a $10 bill.  He told us he wanted us to use it to buy a meal for someone else.  We gladly and humbly took it and promised that is exactly what we would do with it. And that is EXACTLY what we did with it.  But not at Bojangles.

It was mid-afternoon so business was slow. We made the decision to go down the road a bit to Waffle House. We agreed we would just walk in, go to the counter and asked them to let us pay for the meal of one of the tables. Well when we pulled in to the parking lot, we could see it was not crowded at all. I did notice there was only one table being served and it had 2 ladies and a baby.

We walked in, went right up to the counter and Nikk asked the waitress if we could pay for their meal. She walked over to the table to ask the ladies if it was ok that we paid.  They agreed and the waitress came back.

Here is the God part.....

Their meal total was EXACTLY $10. 

What?  #MindBlown!

From the man's pocket, to our hands, to God, to the ladies at the table in a matter of minutes.

We spoke to the ladies at the table and they were very appreciative and then we left.

While walking to our cars, one of the ladies at the table came out to us.  She asked where Turning Point was because she said she wanted to attend this Sunday. Naturally, we gave her directions and invited her to attend. I am so looking forward to seeing her Sunday.

It was another great day of #Generosity.


Here is the video...